Charlotte Flower Chocolates Workshops

Chocolate Workshops

We love nothing more than sharing time with people making chocolate!

Our workshops involve tasting and making chocolates, as well as talking about it! We can explore the history of cocoa and how it is made from cocoa bean to delicious chocolate; learn about making ganaches and tempering chocolate. They can be tailored to specific interests or need; hen parties (including Chocolate Hens), wedding anniversary celebrations and children’s birthday parties.

Workshops take place either in our chocolate workroom here in beautiful Acharn (maximum numbers are 5), or they can be arranged in an alternative venue for larger groups. They will be very hands on, delicious and fun. We use normal kitchen equipment so that by the end of the workshop you should know enough to be able to make your own simple chocolates at home.

Costs will include refreshments (including lunch if a full day workshop), hands-on introduction to chocolate making and take home all the chocolates that you have made.
All chocolate and equipment will be provided, but do bring an apron and wear comfortable clothes that you don’t mind getting chocolate smeared! Chocolate making is gloriously messy.

Half day

9 to 12.30, or 2 to 5.30, suggested times – times can vary to suit.

Over the course of the workshop, you will:

  • learn how to make a ganache
  • how to roll truffles
  • how to temper chocolate
  • how to dip and decorate your truffles

Along the way we will taste chocolates from around the world, chat chocolate, get covered in chocolate and at the end of the workshop you will have lovely chocolates to take home.

£45 a person

Full day

9.30/10 till 5.00 or so

Having the whole day enables you to learn more about the two essential techniques to chocolate making – making ganaches, and tempering.

You will:

  • make your own flavoured ganache; depending on the time of year (and the weather) you might be able to forage for the flavour
  • roll truffles
  • temper chocolate
  • dip and decorate the chocolates

We can also cover moulding and using transfer sheets if needed.

£80 a person


Chocolate is popular with everyone, young and old!  We have organised children’s birthday parties (depending on the age, we can make simple lollipops to sophisticated  truffles!), Chocolate Hen parties (every guest decorates their own chocolate hen!) and teambuilding workshops.

We are happy to design an event that fits your needs.


Our workshops make perfect gifts to a chocolate loving friend or loved one.  Vouchers are available for both half and full day workshops; we usually ask that they be redeemed within 6 months of purchase.


Please contact Charlotte Flower for more details and booking. On booking we will need to ask for a £20 deposit, the remainder payable on the day.

We do not run a regular calendar of workshops, and are happy to arrange a date that suits you.  A minimum of two and maximum of 5 is best for workshops here in our workroom.

We will occasionally advertise spaces on workshops when available and look out for these on our website and Facebook.