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Filled Chocolates

Beautifully boxed shiny rectangular dark chocolates shells filled with fresh cream ganaches flavoured with whatever is in season.  The four flavours in each selection  are dependent on the time of year – what is in season in the wild and in the garden.

Our year starts in spring time as local plants wake up from their winter hibernation, we use flavours found around us, such as elderflower, wild mint, rhubarb and Scots Pine. As summer progresses, locally available fruits – such as raspberries and cherries – will be used as well as wonderful flowers such as roses and meadowsweet.  Autumn brings harvests of plums, damsons, sloes, hazel and beech nuts, as well as local honey. In the winter there are warm rich flavours such as fresh ginger or black pepper and orange.

We use a high quality 70% cocoa chocolate, filled with a fresh double cream ganache (made with either white, milk or plain chocolate, depending on the flavour concerned) and natural flavours. As the centres are made from fresh ingredients, the chocolates have a shelf-life of two weeks.

See Our Flavours section for a taste of some of our seasonal flavours.  For special occasions throughout the year, such as Easter and Christmas, we make special themed selections.

Chocolates are available in two box sizes, 9 chocolates (90g) and 18 chocolates (180g)

Thins, Bars and Shards

We love the amazing range of flavours available in pure cocoa – and single origin chocolates all have their own distinctive flavour and character.  While they are amazing on their own, sometimes we come across a Scottish flavour that we think adds to a particular cocoa bean to create something even more special.  We use local wild plants that we collect ourselves as well as ingredients sourced from the ever-growing Scottish specialist food sector to create a unique new flavour for our chocolate thins and bars.

These chocolates are available in both traditional bars as well as a beautiful range of patterned thin discs; we really love eating chocolate thin!

  • Flavours available all year around:
  • Scots pine flavoured Madagascan 66% dark chocolate
  • Meadowsweet flavoured single origin white chocolate
  • Elderflower flavoured single origin white chocolate
  • Java origin milk chocolate with smoked sea salt
  • Glen Lyon Coffee raosted coffee beans, crushed and matched with white, milk or dark chocolate.

All products are available in 100g packs/packages

Sea Salt Caramel

We developed our own recipe for this in response to a request for wedding favours.  It took some time to get the balance of salt and sweet, the texture and the caramel strength, by which time we had tasted quite a lot and became slightly addicted to the whole concept of salt and chocolate!  We submitted the finished product to Great Taste Awards that year and they won a 2 star award.

We use the caramel as a filling for dark chocolate shells (available in two box sizes, 9 chocolates (90g) and 18 chocolates (180g) and  for small 40g chocolate bars.  We also sell it in 120g jars so that it can be enjoyed in all sorts of other ways – on toast, ice cream, in steam pudding, with porridge – the possibilities are many.

Our Flavours

Over the year these are some of the flavours we use; timing and availability will depend on the seasons themselves!

Wild garlic, Sloe blossom, wild mint, Scots pine, Ladies smock, wood sorrel, nettle.

Elderflower, Scots pine, rhubarb, larch, wild mint, strawberry, raspberry, blackcurrant, rose, meadowsweet, lavender.

Plum, damson, blueberry, walnut, honey, hazelnut, sea buckthorn, sloe.

Seville orange, fresh ginger, fresh rosemary, lapsang souchong, Athol brose, sea buckthorn, juniper.