Seville oranges

January for me holds the special treat of making marmalade; I adore the rich, bitter smell that fills the house as seville oranges bubble away in the kitchen. I excitedly thought that flavouring a ganache with the zest of these amazing oranges would capture some of that aroma; I have to say that I was a little surprised and disappointed with the result when January finally came around and I could source these briefly available gems. However, although it was not as ‘marmaladey’ as I had hoped – it is intensely orange and much more so than with normal sweet orange zest. This is definately a Seville orange flavoured dark ganache, rather than a Marmalade one.

Subsequent experimenting, prompted by an email conversation with a fellow Seville orange and chocolate fanatic in Seattle (sometimes I do love the internet), and I have discovered that as well as the zest I need to add some of the pith to the infusion and this just adds the bitter edge that makes the Seville so characteristic.

Ever mindful of waste, I had also to work out what to do with the juice of these zested and pithed oranges!  Of course they can be absorbed into a batch of marmalade – but why not continue to experiment?  The juice makes a great alternative to lemon juice for lots of things – salad dressing, marinade for fish

Subsequent experimenting