Markets, early 2019

We have a small break from markets in January (but not in chocolate making – see ‘Whats in season?’ for updates on what seasonal flavours are available through the online shop).  Perth Farmers Market starts again in February, and we will be taking a stall there until April as follows:

2nd February, 2019: we will be having a bot of a sale, as well as taking orders for Valentines

2nd March, 2019:  we will have out Mothers Day and Easter chocolates on display, and taking orders for both.  Mothers Day (31st March this year) chocs will be for postal orders, and Easter Eggs to be picked up at the April market…

6th April, 2019:  some Easter treats as well as (hopefully) some of the first seasonal flavours – especially Wild Garlic

And we might just pop up at some other events over the next couple of months – and will post these here and on our Facebook page